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  • StevenCrowder
    StevenCrowder   2 weeks back

    What do you think? Is Thanksgiving racist? And how familiar were you with its history?

      AARON VDB  1 weeks back

      It is incredible how much flack (or praise) White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPS) receive today because of the persuasive interpretations delivered to American youth by educators in a position of trust (power, authority, influence, responsibility). Without hearing strong reasoning from both sides of every issue, students become conditioned to behave predictably, one-sidedly. Unfortunately, these students and many adults do not realize they are parroting the interpretations of others instead of truth. Many are unaware that what is personally convenient or feels good does not necessarily equate to truth.

      All this to say, the Spanish and the British came to the Americas — according to various historians. In the Americas: settlements, trade, war, and disease took the lives of many men, women and child on all sides. The weaponry, immunity, and ideas of the European settlers prevailed. The European colonists in America and European imperialists in Africa, Asia and Australia prevailed. It was the prevailing survivors who wrote the tale. Now, English language and the US Dollar, as well as Capitalism and Judeo-Christian values of the West (Asia) are the prominent currency and commodity around the globe, and envied by most.

      At one time, it was Egypt. Another time, China. Rome has its day, too. Various cultures have produced great works of art, in depth philosophies as well as enlightening spiritual practices. Great leaders, mathematicians, artists, athletes, military, and insights have come from every corner of the globe. However, today it is the USA that is supreme. The USA, like many empires before it, has inherited the accumulated wisdom and practices of the empires before it. And, like those empires, the USA cannot live forever. But, is short-sighted and self-loathing to hate everything American, or representative of American national and patriotic feeling because of past or present wrongs occurring in America. We need to do better, sure. But, let’s not forget the progress made here by the heterogeneous group here, and let’s ALL take pride in our biodiverse tribe and home.

    • l ANYEP l
      l ANYEP l  2 weeks back


    • R
      R  2 weeks back

      Fuckboy troll bitch. I'm from the 80's where you white boys ain't cool. Change my mind cornball.

    • Dino Donati
      Dino Donati  2 weeks back

      I personally truly do not care if these brats think it’s racist.. I’m going to celebrate anyway, and enjoy every minute of it.. Happy Thanksgiving patriots.

    • Israel-Did-9/11
      Israel-Did-9/11  2 weeks back

      If cookie monster takes 1 hour to bake a batch of cookies, how long does it take him to cook 6,000,000 cookies?

  • Robert
    Robert  8 minutes back

    Lib here who agrees with Crowder. But he still won’t DEBATE SAM SEDER 😂

    • Cinnamon
      Cinnamon  12 minutes back

      Please do a video on 'white man's burden'

      • Ricky Porter
        Ricky Porter  2 hours back

        The first girl made me horse laugh.

        • NightNight58
          NightNight58  3 hours back

          Christmas is now sexist.

          • RayytheHomeyy
            RayytheHomeyy  4 hours back

            These kids can't change their own lives, they think they're going to change the world by saying everything is racist and bigoted.

            • dk
              dk  4 hours back

              There's a lot of argument pivoting on "they were here first" but they certainly won't apply the same logic to US immigrants or Israel.

              • John Roberts
                John Roberts  5 hours back

                I wish I could be thankful about our right but there being infringed at this time 2nd amendment for life!!!!!!

                • Eli Sianez
                  Eli Sianez  7 hours back

                  Thanksgiving in its self the idea of it is a great holiday, but the massacre that happened after it on both sides by both indigenous and white people pretty much defeats the good of what thanksgiving should be

                  • Joe T
                    Joe T  7 hours back

                    Second girl - "Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday"........"Thanksgiving is racist"

           love a racist holiday?

                    • Big woolly communist Fuker

                      Sorry for the second comment but Nazis did not exist in WW1 neither did the Axis powers it was called the Central powers. I’m not saying that Kieser Willhelm II was not evil but please know your history. You know everything about Natives but nothing about WW1?

                      • Big woolly communist Fuker

                        Bitches really are trying to take away our school breaks!!! Let’s do the sensible action and Revolt like everyone does.

                        • Austin
                          Austin  11 hours back

                          Hot take: Thanksgiving is in fact a celebration of conquest, genocide, and Native American failure. Do I care? Absolutely fucking not. Will I continue to celebrate it? Yes.

                          • Kareem BBPG
                            Kareem BBPG  11 hours back

                            And I love Elizabeth

                            • Kareem BBPG
                              Kareem BBPG  11 hours back

                              You shouldn’t rip out hearts
                              But let’s not remember that we tied slaves legs to opposite horses and tear them apart...

                              • da sa
                                da sa  11 hours back

                                So i live in Croatia....we were opressed for 1300 years by others....but we came to this land in year 700 and we took it from Ilirians. Should we give it back to ILIRIANS NOW? Also Austria and Germany And Turkey Aand Mongolia and Hungary and Serbia all attacked us for 1300 years and took our lands should they give us money now? American left is real liberal and im more represented by american right then left this days....this guys are NAZI period

                                • Kareem BBPG
                                  Kareem BBPG  11 hours back

                                  This man said 50% of them were killed
                                  That’s not genocide


                                  • Truth Hertz
                                    Truth Hertz  7 hours back

                                    Up to 90% of all natives in America were dead for more than 100 years by 1621.

                                    They were dead from diseases brought from Europe. Diseases that people in Europe were resistant to.

                                • Kareem BBPG
                                  Kareem BBPG  11 hours back

                                  Only white American males justify what their ancestors did by saying
                                  Let’s stop talking about or the natives were hurting themselves first!!!🤷🏽‍♂️🤬🤬

                                  • Truth Hertz
                                    Truth Hertz  8 hours back

                                    Only colored American males worry about things like this and not why they are killing each other at an astounding rate.

                                • Jay Vedanaya
                                  Jay Vedanaya  12 hours back

                                  Noticed from watching this and many other videos most guys are usually easier to find common ground with. But the women, forget it. Most of them will not stop until they get their point across and are agreed with. But hey isn't that what makes them women? 😉

                                  • Ken
                                    Ken  13 hours back

                                    The pogo makes me happy.

                                    • Robert Ramirez
                                      Robert Ramirez  14 hours back

                                      Love to see this exchange of thoughts with a well educated Native American rather than a 19 yr old college student... Change my mind

                                      • Ezzy Does It
                                        Ezzy Does It  14 hours back

                                        Before this video I celebrated Thanksgiving and now I'm still going to but I do want to bring that conversation in on our past in America and where we are now as a black woman . I don't think anybody needs to be more left or right but we do need more middle ground

                                        • ambition x
                                          ambition x  15 hours back

                                          key words used by parrots: acknowledge, mass genocide, inherently racist, acknowledge

                                        • I'm on The wrong video
                                          I'm on The wrong video  15 hours back

                                          Hispanics will be better than you always racist guy

                                          • Kleiner
                                            Kleiner  15 hours back

                                            Do liberals know what they are saying

                                            • Amateurish Author
                                              Amateurish Author  16 hours back

                                              Honestly, 'Thanksgiving is racist' shouldn't be a talking point, because it's a celebration in rememberance of a symbol of peace and unity, what SHOULD be talked about is the fact that the histories (the good and the bad) around the people who first did it is being mostly neglected by schools.

                                              • Kleiner
                                                Kleiner  16 hours back

                                                The first girl was so nice tho

                                                • idahoan dude
                                                  idahoan dude  16 hours back

                                                  Don't tell lefties about the fact that native american tribes killed, tortured, and raped other tribes over land all the damn time. They forget when any non-white people commit atrocities.

                                                  • Bob Smoot
                                                    Bob Smoot  19 hours back

                                                    Thank you for explaining what it means to be an American! The ‘we’re a nation of immigrants’ trope is SO old and tired, and I now have a better answer to it. I understood what it means to be an American, but now I can verbalize it more cogently.

                                                    • Bob Smoot
                                                      Bob Smoot  19 hours back

                                                      The thing that most confuses me about leftists is they absolutely, categorically refuse to condemn anything at all as evil or wrong, unless it’s a conservative ideal. Want to murder your child pre or post birth? There’s a leftist that supports your ‘right’ to do so. Want to have sex with anything that moves on two legs, four legs, or fins? There’s a leftist that supports it. Want to penalize people who do good? There’s a leftist that supports it...Want to condemn slavery, the rape of women, and the sacrificing of children in brutal torturous ways? Now all of the leftists think you’re a racist because you said a brown/black/red/yellow/green person was wrong in their actions and ought to have been stopped. It’s so illogical and backwards that it defies reason to even attempt to explain it.

                                                      • Bob Smoot
                                                        Bob Smoot  19 hours back

                                                        Thank you for pointing out that some cultures are just better. No two ways about it. A culture that doesn’t rape and enslave women IS BETTER than a culture that does. Objectively. Subjectively. Any way you want to look at it. This is pure, indisputable truth.

                                                        • Bob Smoot
                                                          Bob Smoot  19 hours back

                                                          I yell at my phone more when watching the guests on Change My Mind than any other time. The sheer ignorance of today’s college crowd is just stunningly appalling! Do they never read? Is there no intellectual curiosity??

                                                          • howard mcmillian
                                                            howard mcmillian  20 hours back

                                                            Dude you have some great songs in your videos

                                                            • MondayMoustache
                                                              MondayMoustache  21 hours back

                                                              I love how Steven can bring out a persons true colors, even after "agreeing" on so many semantics he will show that person things about themselves and the world that they had never thought of before.

                                                              • Justin Marsh
                                                                Justin Marsh  21 hours back

                                                                The first girl agrees we should totally celebrate Thanksgiving, but the topic is "Thanksgiving Isn't Racist, Change My Mind... so why would you want to celebrate it if you think it's racist? Give up your seat please.

                                                                • Ken Dring
                                                                  Ken Dring  21 hours back

                                                                  So, she basically sat there 12 min and said it was racist and we had to acknowledge what we did bla bla, and when Crowder said, if we acknowledge it, can we then celebrate it?

                                                                  THIS IS HER RESPONSE????? 50:00

                                                                  • sloughWaya
                                                                    sloughWaya  22 hours back

                                                                    Eh yo rawg thanksgiving the day the blanket was handed to us so sum natives celebrate this day n sum don’t but either way the past is the past and ya can’t change it. I think it should still b a holiday n the fact that it doesn’t really reflect colonialism anymore n it’s more a family holiday, n what person don’t like to b round they family?

                                                                    • Mike K
                                                                      Mike K  23 hours back

                                                                      What the first girl doesn't seem to understand is that at the time of colonialism, the general idea was "if you can't defend it, you don't deserve to have it." Under those principles, different nations DID have the "right" to take over. The people who can't or won't understand this need to stop seeing history through a modern lens.

                                                                      • Hannah Baumgartner
                                                                        Hannah Baumgartner  23 hours back

                                                                        1st girl very well spoken and rational. Neither patronizing nor radical, she is educated in what she is talking about and supports her argument thoughtfully.

                                                                        • PUCCAN
                                                                          PUCCAN  1 days back

                                                                          You should of dressed up as a Native American. and then when people accuse you of culture appropriation, u could’ve replied , I’m not dressed as a Native American? dare you assume this is a native Americans attire, I’m dressed as a fictional character I made up

                                                                          • Kayla Austin
                                                                            Kayla Austin  1 days back

                                                                            "I dont think we should step in and tell other cultures what to do" ummm well how about all these liberals calling for us to help other countries, what about all the liberals calling for freedom of speech to be taken away, amd guns to be taken away, and religion to be taken away? Its bad for us to tell the Indians to stop ripping out hearts because of their beliefs but it's ok to tell americans to give up all their beliefs

                                                                            • Kayla Austin
                                                                              Kayla Austin  1 days back

                                                                              We should remeber the ost so we dont repeat it (says the same people calling for statues to be ripped down, text books to be changed, and god knows what else) well we try to remind them people like hillary are.literally following in hitlere footsteps and theh shut it down

                                                                              • Gregg Tompos
                                                                                Gregg Tompos  1 days back

                                                                                bugs me how the left/liberals/democrats want to put todays morals on historical people & events then cry that they shouldn't be acknowledged. Do they not understand that a lot has changed morally & socially since those days & unless you lived in that time you can't understand or claim to understand the situation to that degree?

                                                                                • Gregg Tompos
                                                                                  Gregg Tompos  1 days back

                                                                                  they all loved bringing up disease as part of their argument do they not realize germs weren't even a concept back then? Hell they just thought people got sick because they got sick didn't know how or why it happen

                                                                                  • Gregg Tompos
                                                                                    Gregg Tompos  1 days back

                                                                                    so did the last girl not realize that the only reason steven was framing it the way he did was because that's how liberals (many of which are students) are framing it in that way?

                                                                                    • MrHefe
                                                                                      MrHefe  1 days back

                                                                                      I didn't fart in the elevator | Prove me wrong

                                                                                      • Gregg Tompos
                                                                                        Gregg Tompos  1 days back

                                                                                        if europeans sought to wipe out natives do they actually believe they'd still exist today? I mean unlike jews during the holocaust natives had no place to flee to nor anyone to help them fight against & stop those trying to slaughter them.

                                                                                        • Gregg Tompos
                                                                                          Gregg Tompos  1 days back

                                                                                          something tells me this muslim girl doesn't acknowledge any of those things during every ramadan but instead decided to bring it up during this video to try & make herself sound virtuous & not like a complete hypocrite. I would also like to know why she's celebrating ramadan at all if she doesn't like it & thinks it should be treated the same way she thinks thanksgiving & all other holidays should be treated in her mind