Husband & Wife Team Up She Cuts I NAIL Framing in the Barn Addition

  • Published: 02 December 2019
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Comments • 707

  • Maxid1
    Maxid1  8 hours back

    20:25 Build double door, split double hinged doors. Have it open left or right to a smaller opening with partial panels locked, or full opening with all four panels open. Each door is hinged in the middle giving you single panel, double panel, 3 panels or all four panels open. Depending on what you want to do. You've got to reinforce the inner panel since is has to carry the weight of both doors. The outer panel can be regular weight. Triple hinge the outside panels and you can double hinge the inner panels. If you tilt the outer panel hinges just a degree or two past level, the door will swing open and hold itself open (as long as there's no wind but even then, it'll fall open again when the wind dies.)

    • Wambli Paytah
      Wambli Paytah  13 hours back

      I thought Zeke was the ginger?.....

      • Duong Vg
        Duong Vg  1 days back

        I didnt know the white chicken was killed.? omg.. when was that happaned?

        • K The Archer
          K The Archer  2 days back

          I vote double doors! Not that I build anything, but I feel like it would be easier now to do double doors now rather than later if wisdom is seen after the fact?

          Poor reeky Zeke lol he needed some more time to figure things out!

          Where's your hat, Al?! It looks dang cold as evidence from your red ears and cheeks! Gina, make him wear his hat. We can't have Al's ears falling off. He needs them to do...stuff ;) Stay warmy!

          • david bendavid
            david bendavid  2 days back

            I’d go for double doors gives you both of what you need big access and you can close it up when needed 😊

            • Angelika Bertrand
              Angelika Bertrand  2 days back

              Is Figaro still around? And also Tanner? Havent seen them lately.Happy Holidays from Utah.

              • connie white
                connie white  2 days back

                Pluto photo bombing in the kitchen.

                • Shazza695
                  Shazza695  2 days back

                  I think double doors are the way to go

                  • chele michele
                    chele michele  3 days back

                    Does it even matter if I comment on older videos?

                  • P Daigle
                    P Daigle  3 days back

                    Gonna have to get some crampons for her rubber boots!!

                    • cynthia brennemann
                      cynthia brennemann  3 days back

                      If identifying predators is your aim, might I suggest you post a bunch of game cameras with night vision or motion flash around your area?

                      • Manny Perez
                        Manny Perez  3 days back

                        Is Figaro o.k. I didn't see him on this video, very unusual?

                        • Manny Perez
                          Manny Perez  3 days back

                          How about tall double barn doors, this way you can accommodate any size equipment in and out!

                          • James Deffenbaugh
                            James Deffenbaugh  3 days back

                            I use solar powered LED lights, they don't stop predators. They still get in and eat the ducks and chicken, eggs, and food that's left over. They get used to them. But, you can tell where they are? Raccoons fighting can sound like all the neighbors cats are fighting to the death.

                            I used several trail camera's along with the lights to trigger the camera at different angles to see what was getting into the pens. When reviewing that footage when you see lights on mark down the time then check another camera to see if you captured it from a different position. I found out that I had skunks, foxes, and raccoons stealing my animals and eggs. Outdoors with the Morgan's reviewed a cordless Bluetooth camera in the woods, might check that out? I think it was a Reolink? When something triggers the camera you get a notification? I believe.

                            Double doors most likely. To keep with ascetic of the barn, enclosed on the left side, enclosed on the right side, like you said, still able to get the tractor in and out

                            • Wayne Moureau
                              Wayne Moureau  3 days back

                              Double doors would look great. Where did Gina get her dragon for the instapot?

                              • Sarina
                                Sarina  3 days back

                                You could maybe do slide in doors, sorta like the glass ones you have in the outdoor kitchen but made out of wood. That way you could keep it closed to use it as animal stall if need be or if its big enough, you could keep it open to park the kabota :-)

                                • Denise Wilson
                                  Denise Wilson  4 days back

                                  archway like the woodshed to park the tractor in. Then make double doors to close it off, if you want doors.
                                  Zeke kinda messed up, so Caleb took care of business, LOL. But Caleb has had a "taste" of the fruit, Zeke just doesn't know what he's missing, poor guy.

                                  • Domz JB
                                    Domz JB  4 days back

                                    Be mindful that goats can be bred through fences

                                    • Valerie Canzler
                                      Valerie Canzler  4 days back

                                      I hate the snow-warm up, partially melt-rain-refreeze-snow weather pattern. Makes such an icy mess Let’s just have winter and snow!

                                      • Toni Franklin
                                        Toni Franklin  4 days back

                                        It's so nice to see husband and wife working on the farm/homestead together. Yea where is Figaro?

                                        • Joel Dowling
                                          Joel Dowling  4 days back

                                          LOL... Walk like a penguin, I thought I was the only one who gave out that advice for walking on the ice.

                                          • Tonia's Fusion
                                            Tonia's Fusion  4 days back

                                            wow beautiful farm. I love those chicken and goat. it reminds me in out hometown in the Philippines. nice video

                                            • Kylie Francis
                                              Kylie Francis  4 days back

                                              Do the firewoodshed entry but have a roller door inside you can always put up a wall /door midway down like the other side

                                              • Colleen Rodamer
                                                Colleen Rodamer  4 days back

                                                So happy for u nothing got eaten God Bless y’all

                                                • Cody B.
                                                  Cody B.  4 days back

                                                  If you are losing chickens I bet you got a mink their tracks look a lot like cat tracks so you might not notice them

                                                  • Jon Evans
                                                    Jon Evans  4 days back

                                                    Double Barn style doors.

                                                    • Zippy TheChicken
                                                      Zippy TheChicken  4 days back

                                                      im happy you got caleb and blossom together... you can't deny their love :o)

                                                      • James Ledesma
                                                        James Ledesma  4 days back

                                                        make the hole opening a door so it opens up all the way to the top that way you have the most access to get in and out of it if you need to that way you don't have a limited what you bring in and out of there whatever that pipe is on that pitch is what you're going to be able to get something in there that got heightunless you're going through that area a lot like a regular door and you don't want you can put a door inside a door

                                                        • kenneth barr
                                                          kenneth barr  4 days back

                                                          overhead garage door easier to open in snowy conditions

                                                          • remus haynes
                                                            remus haynes  4 days back

                                                            mr. al, you are one fortunate man to have a "cute as a speckled puppy" lady that will go out with you and cut and tote lumber and supplies. you and i have the last know working china dolls. may God bless your endeavors........g

                                                            • Donald Miller
                                                              Donald Miller  4 days back

                                                              What ? No Gooood Morning Modernsteaders today ?
                                                              Goooood Evening Al , Gina & Olivia ,
                                                              It did not look to me as though the cold slowed you down much. Having a good assistant sure speeds up the work .

                                                              • Keith Rayeski
                                                                Keith Rayeski  4 days back

                                                                Nice start Al!! Your prep partner sped things up!! I’m still a fan of a sliding barn door!!😁

                                                                • Jesse Birster
                                                                  Jesse Birster  4 days back

                                                                  put an opening like the wood shed, but also add double doors to that opening

                                                                  • Birgit Hall
                                                                    Birgit Hall  4 days back

                                                                    Where is Figaro?? I hope he's OK.

                                                                    • courtneyksf
                                                                      courtneyksf  4 days back

                                                                      Any thoughts of hanging 1mm PVC strips for garage door frame to retain some heat

                                                                      • Retired Navy Farmer
                                                                        Retired Navy Farmer  4 days back

                                                                        You know how times fly.......Maybe to park Olivia's car. LOL. It'll be here quicker than you know.

                                                                        • Phillip Carden
                                                                          Phillip Carden  4 days back

                                                                          How about the hanging sliding barn doors, the ones that have rails on top. Don't know if it would fit?

                                                                          • growler63
                                                                            growler63  4 days back

                                                                            Behind your arch, double doors that slide together stacked to one side, then hinge flat to the inner wall out of the way, but still operable after Kubota or whatever is moved in for storage.

                                                                            • Brenda Sas
                                                                              Brenda Sas  4 days back

                                                                              🐺Please Figaro depends on you to keep him safe and warm. Please put a pet door into your house or at least the barn.....please 😼🙀

                                                                              • Paul Gargan
                                                                                Paul Gargan  4 days back

                                                                                Sliding barn door ole school.

                                                                                • Julie Hiestand
                                                                                  Julie Hiestand  4 days back

                                                                                  I absolutely love your commentary. Keep it up don't let it die out. Kissy faces through the fence. I'm Rolling on the ground laughing. And Caleb is making such funny noises, sounds like a teenager in love. Oh my gosh this is hilarious

                                                                                  • Forget-Me-Not 99
                                                                                    Forget-Me-Not 99  4 days back

                                                                                    Zeke sure makes a fantastic duck face XD

                                                                                    • Zerix's Tanks
                                                                                      Zerix's Tanks  4 days back

                                                                                      I keep seeing the thumbnail and it looks like she is wearing a mech suit

                                                                                      • Daryl Stokes
                                                                                        Daryl Stokes  4 days back

                                                                                        I'm wondering if Olivia fell victim to COPPA.

                                                                                        • Millie Hernandez
                                                                                          Millie Hernandez  4 days back

                                                                                          Fígaro didn’t show up in the video today ... please post a picture make sure his ok and It must be spaghetti day we had that for dinner also 😁

                                                                                          • Kel Davey
                                                                                            Kel Davey  4 days back

                                                                                            40 degrees here today but Celsius not F. No rain either,

                                                                                            • Michele Whitt
                                                                                              Michele Whitt  4 days back

                                                                                              Caleb and Blossom has love at first sight❤️

                                                                                              • Clint Bourgeois
                                                                                                Clint Bourgeois  4 days back

                                                                                                always good to measure twice cut once !!